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Patient Monitor

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  1. Reno 12A

    HIGH RESOLUTION 12.1 COLOUR TFT DISPLAY with multi channel waveform display -PARAMETER DISPLAY: SPO2 PR, NIBP,ECG,RESP,2-TEMP -500 NIBP MEASUREMENT DATA CAN BE STORED AND RECALL -DATA AND WAVEFORMS COLOUR CAN BE ADJUSTABLE -BUILT-IN high enregy RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY -ECG WAVEFORMS OF 7 LEADS DISPLAY ON THE SAME SCREEN -72 HOURS GRAPHIC AND TABULAR OF ALL PARAMETERS -72 ALARM EVENTS OF ALL PARAMETERS RECALL -BATTERY BACKUP –APPROX.2 HOURS-96 HOURS DATA STORAGE. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SPO2 UNSPECIFIED FOR 0-69%. PULSE RATE RANGE:O-254 BPM -MEASUREMENT RANGE:O-100% -ACCURACY FOR SPO2:+2%(FOR 70-100%) AND -ACCURACYFOR PR:+2BPM NBP-measurement range:10-270 mmhG -modes:manual /auto/STAT with oscillometric method MESURING PERIOD IN STAT MODE:5 MIN .ECG-leadmode:3 lead or 5 lead - lead selection :i,ii,iii,avr,avl,avf and v heart rate range : A)adult: 35 300 bpm B)paediatric/neonatal: 15-300bpm.-ecg waveform: 2 channels A)accuracy:+1bpm or +1%-st segment detection:-measurement range:0.2mv-2.0 mv res-method:ra-ll impedance -adult:o-120 breath/min -paediatric/neonatal:0-150breath/min -RESOLUTION:1 BREATH /MIN - accuracy:+2 BREATH/MIN TEMPERATURE Optional –TOUCH SCREEN ,KMM)SPO2 MODULA,ETCO2,IBP,PRINTER - centralmonitoring SOFTWARW & CABLE (lan networking or wireless)
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  2. IRIS 7

    IRIS vital signs monitor is a universal vital signs monitor for various clinical applications. It is not only providing the basic vital signs spot check, but also the long term monitoring function like ECG and EtCO2, which gives IRIS the additional features for continuous monitoring, and makes it a perfect device for various department in the hospital, clinics and doctor’s office.Features:Combination of numeric LED and TFT LCD display.Flexible configuration between SpO2, NIBP, Temp, ECG and EtCO2.High capacity lithium rechargeable batteries, operation time up to 10 hours.Spot check and continuous working mode to satisfy different clinical scenario.1.5m anti-drop proof makes it suitable for emergency.High capacity internal storage for 1500 hours trends or 4000 groups of data.Ethernet, WiFi and 3G connection for transfer data from anywhere and anytime.Plug & Play type thermal printer.
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