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  1. Reno 12A

    HIGH RESOLUTION 12.1 COLOUR TFT DISPLAY with multi channel waveform display -PARAMETER DISPLAY: SPO2 PR, NIBP, ECG,RESP,2-TEMP -500 NIBP MEASUREMENT DATA CAN BE STORED AND RECALL -DATA AND WAVEFORMS COLOUR CAN BE ADJUSTABLE -BUILT-IN high enregy RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY -ECG WAVEFORMS OF 7 LEADS DISPLAY ON THE SAME SCREEN -72 HOURS GRAPHIC AND TABULAR OF ALL PARAMETERS -72 ALARM EVENTS OF ALL PARAMETERS RECALL -BATTERY BACKUP APPROX.2 HOURS-96 HOURS DATA STORAGE . TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SPO2 UNSPECIFIED FOR 0-69%. PULSE RATE RANGE:O-254 BPM -MEASUREMENT RANGE:O-100% -ACCURACY FOR SPO2:+2%(FOR 70-100%) AND -ACCURACYFOR PR:+2BPM NBP-measurement range:10-270 mmhG -modes:manual /auto/STAT with oscillometric method MESURING PERIOD IN STAT MODE:5 MIN . ECG-leadmode:3 lead or 5 lead - lead selection :i,ii,iii,avr,avl,avf and v heart rate range : A)adult: 35 300 bpm B)paediatric/neonatal: 15-300bpm.-ecg waveform: 2 channels A)accuracy:+1bpm or +1% -st segment detection: -measurement range:0.2mv-2.0 mv res-method:ra-ll impedance -adult:o-120 breath/min -paediatric/neonatal:0-150breath/min -RESOLUTION:1 BREATH /MIN - accuracy:+2 BREATH/MIN TEMPERATURE Optional TOUCH SCREEN ,KMM)SPO2 MODULA,ETCO2,IBP,PRINTER - centralmonitoring SOFTWARW & CABLE (lan networking or wireless)
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